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Farm-Scale Composting Resource List
Farm-scale composting, also known as on-farm composting, is a practical way to handle organic wastes and produce a stabilized organic soil amendment at the same time. Yet, it involves specialized techniques for handling and managing large volumes of animal manures, leaves, and food wastes, paying attention to environmental factors that produce a quality humus produce while avoiding flies and odors. This is a Web-based resource list, featuring a selection of the best primers, reference books and manuals, and Web-based documents that comprise a ready-made technical library on farm-scale composting.

Compost Marketing and Labeling Project
In order to determine the needs and wants of consumers of compost, surveys were conducted by the Cornell Waste Management Institute for both home gardeners and industry-users (mainly vegetable growers ...

Spokane Solid Waste - Composting
Part of the Spokane Regional Solid Waste Program, this site offers information on a Regional composting facility, including facility operation, rates, tour information, as well as a summary of home co

This project is a cooperative effort between Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension personnel and county farmers

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Mid- to Large Scale Composting
Manitoba's new source for information on composting Beyond the Backyard Bin! Resources, links, upcoming events and more...

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