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Earthworm FAQ

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Worm Composting
A worm article written by Joan D. Filsinger explains how she uses worms in her compost to make the best nutrients for her garden. Read more

Composting with Red Wiggler Worms and Night Crawlers
Why not earthworms, you ask?  Well, I’ll explain that in a second, but let me first tell you why red wigglers and night crawlers are so beneficial to the composting process. Read more

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Vermiculture: Indoor Composting and Organic Soil Improvement
Maybe you’ve never heard the term vermiculture, if so don’t feel bad, many experienced gardeners are unfamiliar with this organic practice. I think vermiculture is fascinating; simply put it’s the process of composting kitchen waste with earthworms. We’re not talking about common night crawlers, but special varieties of worms such as red worms, and red wigglers.

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Worm Digest
Worm Digest is a 32-page quarterly newspaper which reports about worms and worm composting (vermicomposting) on all levels world-wide. Its aim is to network people, information and resources ...

Worm Composting Supplies
To provide with the knowledge, materials and worms to start own vermicomposting project with a worm bin at home or at school.

Worm Bin Composting -Composting_at_Home
Follow these easy steps to start your own worm bin. Check out Mary Appelhof 's book Worms Eat My Garbage for more detailed information on composting with worms.

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Cathy's Crawly Composters
Environmentally driven vermiculture business. We conduct inspirational demonstrations. Supply red wiggler worms, bins, castings & resources. Our goal is to raise awareness about the environment & encourage sustainable practices

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World of Vermiculture
Vermicomposting is done by red worms, also known as red wrigglers (Eisenia fetida). They thrive on organic materials like food scraps. They are not the same as common brown earth worms, which prefer to live and burrow in soil. Red worms are smaller and more reddish in color, preferring a dark, warm, very moist environment. They work best at temperatures from 15 - 25 degrees C. Under these conditions they are voracious eaters. One pound (454g) of worms can eat 1/2 pound (227g) of food waste every day.

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Recycle with Earthworms: The Book!
This work is absolutely the best we've seen on the subject! Vermicomposting and raising earthworms has never been so easy to understand and employ. This book is by two Master Composters with a combined experience of 25 years experience is a "must read." Shelley Grossman and Toby Weitzel share their wealth of knowledge with environment-conscious organic gardeners, hobbyists, and commercial farmers. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will appreciate the precise, clear, personal instruction as the authors reveal their trade secrets. Tons of illustrations and an important trouble-shooting chapter, too!

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New York Worms
Grower of Red Wiggler and European Nightcrawler earthworms. Earthworms and Books available. Site supplies extensive information on Vermicomposting, raising and caring for earthworms.

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commercial worm composting
englands first commercial worm composter back in the 1960s now we teach others with videos and manuals also with on site training.

The Worm Farm
We raise and sell earthworms and earthworm products. We have redworms for sale, super nutrient-rich worm castings, OMRI certified organic compost, European night crawlers, fishing worms, worm bins, worm factories, kits - and more!

Colombian earthworm farming in the web
A full directory of all colombian earthworm farming web pages.

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Goodbugs ... Green, Greener, Greenest!!
GoodBugs is about bringing the ’good bugs’ back to your garden or farm. We focus on earthworm composting and earthworm farming stuff. We also know quite a bit about other types of composting (BD, regular and organic). The “Goodbugs Little Workers” eBook is the first earthworm book for African conditions. It was written by Charl Pienaar and Dora du Plessis, putting on paper many years of down to earth knowledge. The book offers useful tips and step by step guides. Included are many pictures and drawings, showing the way to farm well with earthworms. This is for both small scale backyard systems or on a bigger scale for farms.

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Composting With Red Wiggler Worms
Worm composting is a method for recycling food waste into a rich, dark, earth-smelling soil conditioner. The great advantage of worm composting is that this can be done indoors and outdoors, thus allowing year round composting. It also provides apartment dwellers with a means of composting. In a nutshell, worm compost is made in a container filled with moistened bedding and redworms. Add your food waste for a period of time, and the worms and micro-organisms will eventually convert the entire contents into rich compost.

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Earthworms for Sale
Information on starting out with worm composting (vermicomposting). Also sells starter batches of worms. Instructions on how to make your own worm bin or you can buy a factory made one, all on one site.

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Worms are our business. We have years of worm growing experience. We work with and support a network of worm growers all over the country. Our business organization is a large scale Vermiculture operation dedicated to the sales and marketing of Red Wiggler composting and European fishing worms (wholesale and retail), our home scale composting worm farm bin, Organic Worm Castings, Vermicompost, Compost, Garden Mulch.

Easy home-made worm bin bag—makes compost separation simple!
This is a very nice Instructables article showing how to make a top-loading, bottom-harvesting worm bin bag from a laundry bin (or from scratch).

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Worm Farming Secrets
Free weekly newsletter and blog related to worm farming and composting with worms. Exclusive worm composting manual also available for download.

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Worm Composting for Beginners
A blog that explains the ins and outs of starting your first worm compost bin.

Worm Composting: Way to a successful waste composting
In every worm composting process, you need to start on the first step. There’s no thing as acceleration here, you have really to do all the necessary things before proceeding into the next level. In worm composting, the first step is you should already decide what kind of worms you will be using in your compost.

Worm Composting article for beginers
A basic step by step guide...Worm compost is made in a container filled with moistened bedding and redworms. Add food waste and with assistance from micro-organisms, the worms will convert bedding and food waste into compost. Worm composting can be done year-round, indoors in schools, offices and homes.

Vermicomposters.com is a social networking community for people who have a worm bin/compost with worms or for people who are thinking about getting started. Read this note to help you get started on vermicomposters.com:

Small Indoor Worm Composting
If you live in the city or just don't have enough space in your yard for your worms, these important and basic info on small indoor worm composting will be able to help.

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Worm Composting Headquarters
Worm Composting Headquarters is your online resource for Worm Composting, Vermicomposting, and Building a Worm Farm. Worm Composting made easy! Learn all you need to know to start your worm compost bin or worm farm today.

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Red Worms
We supply red worms and worm composting supplies. We also carry other worm species like Alabama Jumpers and Canadian Nightcrawlers

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Worms Etc Red Wiggler Composting Blog
Worms Etc has a regularly updated blog and an interactive forum. The blog is written by a worm farmer and the forum is open to anyone.

Tips on Raising Worms for Compost- Red Worms Composting
Get tips on raising Red Wiggler worms. Learn How raising composting worms like Red Wiggler can be benefit your waste disposal ways and the environment.

How to pick your Composting Worms for your worm composting bins
Selecting comnposting worms for composting. Red Wiggler are the winner here. They are well known for their worm composting prowess.

Managing Homemade Worm Bins with Red Wiggler worms as compostings worms
Vermicomposting with Red Wigglers is such an exciting hobby or practice. Red Wiggler are known for their excellent appetite which is great for worm composting.

Worm Composting: Things to Remember About Red Worms
Learn the essential things that you should know about red worm composting here.

Materials to use in Worm Composting Bin for your Composting Worms
Guides on building household worm composting bin. Important things to remember in selecting materials for your worm composting bin to avoid future problems in your home made worm bin. It also discusses helpful tips on keeping outdoor worm bins.

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Worm Composting Community
Worm Composting community is a new Ning network that was created to give people free access to tips and ideas on organic gardening especially vermicomposting. Read members blogs and join conversation in the forums or say hello to us via chat!

Earthworm Life Cycle and more
Find informative info on the life cycle of earthworms here.

Feeding Red Worms
A helpful guide on taking care of your red wiggler worms.

Effective Worm Composting in the Winter
Ways to keep your worms warm and your worm composting system working through the cold season.

Raising Nightcrawlers
An article that talks about the basics on raising nightcrawlers for composting and fish baits.

Why Composting Worms Climb to Top of the Bin
An article that solves the mystery of why composting worms climb to the top of the bin.

Guide to Best Worm to use for Vermicomposting
An article that discusses why Red Wiggler worms are the best worms for vermicomposting.

Backyard Gardening Worm Composting Tigers- Red Wiggler Worms
Tackles how good is a red wiggler as composting worms and how they have become the favorite specie of worm to be used in worm composting and organic gardening.

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