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Mantis Composttumbler
The ComposTumbler really works. It works better than any other compost tumbler or barrel composter. And of course it works faster and better than a compost bin or compost pile, without the mess, pests and difficulty of hand-turning your compost materials.

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Kitchen Composter by Nature Mill
You deposit bio-degradables in the top of the Nature Mill. Most kitchen food and paper waste is fine. The NatureMill does the rest! Microorganisms already present in most foods (or added from a free starter packet), eat away at the waste material and generate heat as a byproduct. The heat is high enough to kill harmful bacteria, insects, and worms. A microchip precisely controls temperature, air flow, moisture, and mixing to accelerate the process from a year down to just a few weeks. Eighty percent of the waste material disappears into thin air – literally – as the microorganisms consume the waste material and produce pure water vapor which dissipates away. An internal air filtration system eliminates any odors.

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Healthyhome.com has many products and information for your composting needs.

Eco-Friendly Organic Soil Maker from Food Waste Composter
This fully automatic eco-friendly food waste Composter can quickly and efficiently solve the problem of food waste by decomposing it into organic soil, reducing waste by up to 85%. It can help compost up to about five pounds (2kg) of food waste per day. It provides a sealed temperature control and odor reducing design, so no need to worry about unpleasant smell. It's easy, simple, convenient, and won't cause secondary pollution and a new era eco-friendly household appliance that truly implements resource reuse. In the future, it's bound to be an indispensable appliance in a green home. All given materials from our Earth are precious, even the used ones. EarthSystem believes that used materials still have value. EarthSystem provides the best solution to help everyone recover renewable resources and to help protect our environment.

A great site for composting and some gardening products.

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Mantis COMPOST-TWIN Composter
The Mantis ComposT-Twin holds almost 25 cubic feet of raw material – that's 10 bushels in each chamber! Our unique two-chamber design allows your compost to "cook" in one chamber, while leaving room to fill the second chamber with plenty of organic scraps. Just add your compost materials to one of the twin chambers, turn the handle to spin the drum each day, and in weeks, you'll have rich, dark, homemade fertilizer.

REOTEMP Compost Thermometers
Temperature is the silver-bullet in successful compost piles. REOTEMP thermometers are specifically manufactured for the compost application.

Hoss Tools
Hoss Tools provides American-made, professional quality wheel hoes, attachments and garden tools. We’re as passionate about our products as you are about your garden or farm. Request a catalog, view our videos or visit our online store to learn more about our top-notch tools and supplies.

Planet Natural
Organic gardening supplies, composters & composting equipment, grow lights & hydroponic systems, organic fertilizers, beneficial insects - ladybugs, praying mantis - heirloom garden seeds...

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Alpha Thrive Compost Accelerator
Compost Accelerator – Make Better Quality Fertilizer Naturally. Alpha THRIVE All-Natural Compost Accelerator is a liquid blend of beneficial bacteria specially formulated for composting. The living microbial solution in Compost Accelerator helps encourage the breakdown of the compost pile increasing the amount of organic matter that become nutrients. By adding Compost Accelerator to this natural process you will create a more productive composting environment, producing higher quality organic fertilizer in a shorter time span while reducing the odors generally associated with composting. Alpha Thrive All-Natural Compost Accelerator is a liquid concentrate and consists of a special blend of beneficial bacteria. Just mix with water and apply. The microbial blend encourages the breakdown of the compost pile accelerating the process The microbes in the compost accelerator break down compost more completely, which means more matter becomes nutrients, resulting in a higher quality organic fertilizer being produced. Alpha Thrive All-Natural Compost Accelerator also helps in reducing the odors associated with composting.

Slug Shield
Organic Slug and Snail Stopper! • Apply Once, Lasts All Season • Non-Toxic • Overnight Results • More Effective than Slug Pellets (i.e. Sluggo®*) • More Effective than Copper Tape • Stops Slugs and Snails

Spring Earth Compost
Spring Earth Compost is a 100% all-plant compost produced from fruit and vegetable scraps, along with leaves. Spring Earth is a partnership between Richmond, VA-based Ukrop's Super Markets and Watkins Nurseries.

A vast improvement on old traditional garden carts and wheelbarrows. Push down on the handles - the front of the cart lifts up to make rolling almost effortless. The LOADUMPER has a unique hinged mechanism that enables you to tip the entire cart, or just the tub, for easy unloading. Heavy-duty, non-corrosive polyethylene tub has no ridges to catch materials. Holds 8 cubic feet of soil or mulch; 500 lb. capacity. Powder-coated, rust-resistant steel tube chassis. 16" 2-ply pneumatic tires for extra-smooth ride. Easy to assemble.

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Natural Compost Accelerator
Compost THRIVE consists of a special blend of beneficial bacteria. Reduce odors and speed up the composting process. Safe to use around kids and pets just like mother nature intended.

GArde Compost Tools
Pitch and Manure Forks to turn your compost

Compost Plus Activator
Speeds up decomposition. Ringer® Compost Plus contains all the necessary organisms and nutrient sources to start the compost process more quickly and efficiently. Specially formulated to compost lawn clippings, brown leaves, wood chips, pine needles, twigs, etc. Compost Plus contains a proprietary blend of micro-organisms which break down materials. It’s a nutrient energy source for a fast start, and is specially formulated to speed up the natural decomposition process for fast, complete composting.

www.organicneem.com - vermi compost producer and marketers
Neem has been identified by WHO/UNEP1989 as environmentally 'powerful' natural pesticides, and is considered to be one of the most promising trees of the 21st century. It has great potential in the fields of Pest Management, Environment Protection and Medicine.

Garden Compost Bins
Free Shipping on this Compost Bin is a large 18 cubic feet capacity composter with a wide open top and lid. This organic design has handholds and a bottom access gate for easy mixing and turning.

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Complete Composting Store
Welcome to the Complete Composting Store, an online superstore for all your composting needs. Whatever form of composting you are interested in, whether it be with or without worms, small scale such as kitchen composting, or large scale composting such as outdoor or garden composting, we have the composting products you need.

Gaiam Composters and Composting Supplies
The Gaiam catalog includes products that are good for your health and the environment. This is their composting section.

Nature's Footprint, Inc.
We are the original manufacturer of the Worm Factory and offer wholesale pricing on our worm bins, as well as municipal bins for use by non-profits and small municipal governments.

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Green Home
The original ecostore, carrying a wide range of composting bins and supplies since 1999

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compost bins
Encourage the practice of composting, provide a forum for disseminating useful and practical compost information for home and community gardeners. Sales of composting equipment and compost related accessories

Compost Sak
Compost Sak is the innovative, organic solution to composting. Turns leaves, yard trimmings, and kitchen scraps to rich, organic compost with no mess.

Barnyard Products.Com - Made in America Farm and Garden Tools & Supply
Offering Made in American Farm and Garden Tools, Wooden Garden Baskets, Drip Irrigation, and More !

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CompostMania is a comprehensive online destination for all things composting, offering top-rated products and tips for those getting started. We educate consumers on composting practices and benefits, and sell the products to support this activity.

Garden.com is your source for garden supplies like compost bins and outdoor thermometers that can help you better manage the daily activities involved with appropriate plant care.

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