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In fact, eco-conscience companies have developed biodegradable birdhouses that can easily be turned into compost.  These “green” birdhouses are made from 100% recycled paper that can be assembled and painted as a fun project for the entire family  Green birdhouses ,made by Green Bird, aid in the decline of bird species by providing them with an insulated, clean nesting cavity.  At the end of the nesting season, the biodegradable birdhouses can be placed in a composting bin and turned into rich compost for your garden. (Remember – Use Soy paint and never use toxic paints if you use the compost for your vegetable garden)

With traditional birdhouses, you must dismantle and clean out the nesting material every mating season.  Otherwise you run the risk of developing parasite infestation and bacterial growth in the compartment.  However, recyclable birdhouses eliminate the need for these seasonal maintenances.  They provide you with an alternative way to attract native birds such as wrens and chickadees into your backyard for your viewing pleasure.

As such, our efforts to eliminate waste through composting everyday items such as birdhouses have become part and parcel to sustaining a cleaner, greener earth.  As bird watchers know, when you take a closer look at our surroundings, you will gain the sense that what is good for the environment will ultimately benefit us.  It’s easy to turn your recreational activity into a contribution to nature through composting.  What will you compost today?  

Article written by - Chau Nguyen

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