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Organic Gardening

Composting for Sustainable Organic Gardening
building for organic gardening begins after the initial garden soil testing and the addition of fertilizers and conditioners. It is very important to maintain and improve the soil when trying to garden organically. Sustaining the soil means that you have a means of replenishing the garden soil with what you have at hand – compost, beneficial microbes, enzymes, and earthworms. Ideally, once your organic garden is established it could be sustained with garden compost alone - by removing garden soil and layering it in your compost. This method uses the microbes in your soil to inoculate your compost, which in tern will feed your soil. Read more

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Organic Gardens
Organic Gardening Information and Organic Gardening Advice

Organic Bouquet.com
OrganicBouquet.com is your premier online source for socially and environmentally responsible gifts. Our goal is to provide you and your loved ones with high quality products that contribute to the betterment of humankind and the Earth.

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Basic Info for Organic Gardening
Provides information for the beginner to organic gardening--glossary, beneficial insects, harmful insects, companion planting, fertilizer component list, hardiness zone map, composting, measurements, mulches and gardening tips.

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For those who have realized that toxic chemistry is not the answer, welcome to the Natural Way. If you have made the decision to change, I can help. The answers are here in these pages. The key is for you and your family to garden, work, play and live with organic techniques to have better landscaping, better health, more cost effectiveness and more enjoyment of life.

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You Bet Your Garden - with Mike McGrath
You Bet Your Garden offers fiercely organic advice to gardeners far and wide: Tips on caring for plants, fending off pests, wrestling with weeds, dealing with disease, and all the other fun things we outdoor enthusiasts enjoy sooooo much.

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