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Compost Wizard Consulting
The staff at Compost Wizard has an extensive background in what benefits compost can provide, what type of compost is optimum, and what the best way to apply it may be....

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CET offers hands-on classroom presentations for all ages.
The Center for Ecological Technology (CET) provides educational consulting services:

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Organic Gardening in Tampa Florida
Whitwam Organics is a distributor for the Green World Path product line. We stock the Greentek Total, Outbound, Mineralplex, Eco, Naturally Green Lawns, and the Chicgrow, and have access to over 20 other organic and Natural products from fish emulsion to weed killer. We also offer for sale seasonal veggie seedlings, worm bins with red wrigglers, and books for the home gardener. And for a great space saver; we have our 5 teared vertical growtowers. For services, Whitwam Organics offers Garden Coaching/ Planning, soil testing and conditioning, as well as Micro-irrigation and rain collection design. This year, I am also excited to offer customers a chance to pick out and plant their own mini veggie garden; this one is fun for kids of any age.

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Compost Shed
We sell compost tumblers and supplies for the urban gardener. We also give information on how to compost for small gardeners, rooftop gardens, or potted plants and promote recycling yard waste and kitchen scraps for a healthier environment and organic gardening. visit or site to register fora how to compost workshop Nov 13.

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