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Commercial Compost Production and Systems

Green Mountain Technologies
"Green Mountain Technologies is commited to the progress of compost technology and the use of composting in all aspects of solid waste management.

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In-Vessel Composting
In-Vessel Composting of Dairy Cattle Solid Waste and Utilization as a Peat Moss Substitute. By Dr. Don Cawthon - Department of Agricultural Sciences, Texas A&M University - Commerce (Includes Streamin Video of Dairy Composting)

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American Biotech
The American Bio Tech AirLance™ Recycling Technology has been used on the largest biosolids recycling facility in the world and is a proven long term solution.

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Compost-One Large Scale Composting Just Got Easier
Compost-One™ Boost compost fertilizer quality & reduce maturation time Put trillions of micro-organisms to work in your compost operation. Compost-One™ puts a proprietary blend of all natural and safe compost accelerators to work in your compost operation. The micro-organisms blended into Compost-One™ help energize compost production speeding up the maturation time as well as reducing costly windrow turns. Compost-One™ also helps produce a higher quality fertilizer by breaking down complex nitrogen sources such as urea, reducing the environmental impact of dealing with waste components.

Wholesale Earthworms
We sell wholesale red wiggler earthwoms for use in making vermicast and vermicompost, as well as the compost it self.

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